Rakhi gift for sister under 500- Surprise your sisters 2020

Rakhi Gift For your Sisters: Want to offer something special to your sister this Rakhi but worried about your budget? Scroll down and inspect the list of gifts that you simply can get under Rs 500.

Here’s an inventory of gifts that you simply can get for your sister under budget!

Brothers and sisters are as close as hands and feet – someone rightly said.

The bond we share with our brothers and sisters is special and Raksha Bandhan is that day of the year when this relationship is widely known across the country. Traditionally,

this is often a Hindi festival and on today, sisters tie a thread-like band called rakhi around their brothers’ hand. The band symbolises the promise brother make to guard their sisters.

And, also reciprocally of the rakhi, brothers also shower their sisters together with his love and gifts. This festival is widely known on a full-of-the-moon day of the Shravana month of the Hindu calendar, but the dates keep changing per annum.

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Raksha Bandhan is going to be celebrated on Assumption this year. Talking about gifts, it can sometimes get really tricky to select the proper one for the one that you love sister, the one that matches in your budget.

Well, if you’re trying to find the right gift for your sister but worried about your budget, then we are here for your rescue. Scroll right down to inspect an inventory of things under Rs 500 which will be your Rakhi gift for your sister.

Rakshabandhan, the festival that each one sibling-like to hate, is finally here! As annoying as they often could also be, sisters, are always there for you.

Whether it’s hiding your secrets or making Maggi for you at 3 a.m., you’ll always believe her.

The best gifts for rakhi are those that are even as special and unique as your sister.

She deserves something that’s not as generic as make-up or clothes, but something that’s thoughtful. Don’t worry, we’ve already found a number of the simplest ideas that you simply can take inspiration from.

Here are some out of the box gift ideas for sisters that they’re going to surely love this rakhi!


If your sister is someone who hoards fancy pens and delightful journals then gifting her stationery is that the best choice. And within the budget of Rs 500, you’ll get her a spread of goodies to feature up to her collection.

2.Customised Mug

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Nothing speaks love sort of a mug with ‘best sister’ written thereon. And, if you do not want to try to something so cliché, you’ll gift her a mug with a quote by her favourite movie character printed thereon.


I don’t like jewellery said no girl ever! Jewellery is one gift which will make your sister happy needless to say. And, with a budget of Rs 500, you’ll get her many trendy accessories. Trust me, she is going to remember you whenever she is going to amp up her look with the jewels given by you.

4.Trendy stole

If you’re not so sure about your sister’s fashion choices and you would like to play safe then gifting a stole is that the perfect option. And, with the type of variety available online and in markets, it’s very easy to urge one under Rs 500.


Who doesn’t love a pleasant and stylish handbag? Well, girls love not only one but many and may never get uninterested in adding a replacement one to their collection. and that we were saving the simplest gift option for the last. With numerous discounts available online, you’ll get a pleasant branded handbag for your sis this rakhi.

6.Home Decor

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Gifts for rakhi are often tricky as long as you don’t know your sister. If she loves home decor there are actually thousands of options to travel for. you’ll give her showpieces, sculptures, candle holders and even things like bookends or bookshelves if she likes to read. of these options are very useful and you’ll easily search for a bit that matches her personality and taste

7.Speakers/Headphones Bluetooth

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speakers or headphones are again a really useful and thoughtful gift to offer your sister. After all, who doesn’t love music? Also, headphones and speakers are things that require an update after every few years or maybe months. albeit your sister doesn’t need an update, she remains getting to like it if you bought her better speakers/headphones than those she has. This way, maybe she is going to finally stop stealing yours, who knows?

8.Phone/Laptop Accessories

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We have kept this concept because of the safest one. If nothing else works for you, this will. Again, laptops or phone accessories are one thing that requires an update fairly often. you’ll choose mousepads, keyboards and even phone covers. confirm to settle on something as per her taste.

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